Planning To Take Up Running As A Routine?

From losing weight to flattening your tummy and ravishingly toning your legs like those of world class athletes, there is absolutely no doubt in the wonders of walking and running.

Hours of persistence, hard work and determination go into achieving results. Probably slow in terms of showing results but a completely steadfast routine, running is a sure way of slimming down your body.

Just like any other initiative you take, running isn’t a piece of cake for beginners. And yes, while you’re running, you also need to cut down on the actual pieces of cake you have every day. Like the famous going goes, ‘Its 70% diet and 30% exercise’. Please bear in mind that ‘diet’ here implies to a healthy diet and not a complete cut down of food.

To give you a kick-start to your newly found activity that you want to build into a routine, here are a few things to bear in mind beforehand,

1. Understand That You Won’t Change Overnight

Walking or running is perhaps the slowest way to lose weight. You generally start seeing
a bit of a difference 6 weeks down the running practice. Nothing happens overnight. Life
is no fairytale so be mentally prepared to be pushing yourself through those kilometers
without seeing an inch of a difference for weeks.

2. Invest In A Treadmill

While you’re at it, get a treadmill. The hassle of hitting the jogging track every day can
become too much for you and kill your motivation to take it further. Before that happens,
start by using a treadmill at home. It will not only be convenient but also useful in
developing a new habit. After all, you would’ve spend $$$ in getting it. You can’t just let
it rust now, right?

3. Start Small But Punctual

Don’t start a 50km marathon right away. Kick start with 2-3 kilometers of walking and
gradually go up to running and then shuffling in between while you increase your KMs.

4. Play With Speed

When you’re on a treadmill, do not stick at one speed for the rest of your life. During one
session, make sure you’re increasing and decreasing the speed every 10-15 minutes. This
gives your body a high intensity interval workout feeling which helps in burning more
fat. It will also keep you from getting bored.

5. Your Stamina Will Kill You

Oh, be mentally prepared for not being able to complete one full round without dying
away. If you’re not an active person in your daily life, your stamina will be the biggest
hurdle you’ll face when adopting any fitness regime. Be prepared to face the trauma of
being lazy all these years and on the other hand, working towards building it for a fitter

6. Crank Up The Volume

Nothing helps you more in being on track than loud music with cranked up beats to keep
you taking the next step. Make sure you’ve got a good mix of hip-hop music that keeps
you energetic and excited throughout the workout. Keep shuffling your songs for a

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