5 Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Daily Life

As days pass by, our lives have become an endless vicious cycle of worry, stress and multiple
tensions. From paying house rents to being stressed out because of traffic jams, every day seems like an endless battle with stress.

While we wear the ninja cloak every morning, sharpening our skills to defeat stress, little do we know that it has found a home inside us. So while we battle it upfront, it consumes us from
within. Stress is like a little bacteria that not only harms you from the outside but if infected, it’ll build an army to defeat you from the inside.

As we try to deal with this on a daily basis, we often forget the very basics of living life. One of the most simple yet uncared for practice to beat stress is to breathe. But our minds never go into thinking about it.

So, to tune your mind into de-stressing with nature’s most wonderful gift, we’ve got a few
practices you should think about dialing up in your life

1. Breathe It Out

When you are angry. When you are sad. When you are in a hurry. When you are calm.
No matter where you are, make a conscious effort to regulate your breath. Learn and
practice to take FULL and COMPLETE breaths. Little things are free in this world. Don’t
be a scrooge with breathing, please.

2. Take A Break

Running in between classes or submitting presentations after presentations? Follow what
KitKat has been yelling at us for eons, ‘Have A Break!’ And yes, if having a KitKat helps
you, then why not. Jokes apart, learn to take breaks in your hectic schedule. Even if
taking a break requires you to stay longer in the loo, then stay longer. But take a break
and breathe.

3. Find Peace In Silence

Those horns will not stop blowing. The music won’t stop playing. People won’t stop
talking. You need to find a secret silent spot for yourself where you can huddle to de-
stress. This spot can be in your home (most preferably) but can also be your library or
your friends couch. Listen to the way your heart beats, blood flows through your veins
and how your thoughts become the noisiest of all. Learn to calm those noises down in
silence. Breathe in. Chill out. Make it your mantra.

4. Join A Fitness Class

Burn it out. Breathe it in. Every fitness class you join will teach you how amazing a
group workout is. Not only for your physical health but also for your emotional and
psychological needs. May it be yoga, Zumba, the gym or any other routine, find what
resonates with you and let it kill you!

5. Catch Your Breath With Cardio

No matter where you go, make sure your heart’s pumping out of your chest. Cardio is
nature’s best detox. Get your heart rate up and your stress levels down. Yes, they are
inversely related!

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