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Dr. Mana’s Weight Loss Retreat is Well Known Weight Loss & Fitness Clinic, run by Dr. Mana Shahzad along with a team of professional female instructors & physiotherapists. Dr. Mana’s Weight Loss Retreat launched Cellulite & Detox Massage first time in Karachi, few years back. Till date thousands of Ladies have been successfully treated from Our Clinc, We have thousands of satisfied ladies Patients from all over the Karachi including housewives, doctors, students, executives, celebrities & bride to be girls, who have given us 100% satisfaction ratings and reviews moreover our maximum number of successful treatment and satisfied Customers has made us The No. 1 Weight Loss Clinic for Ladies in Karachi

Dr. Mana’s Weight Loss Retreat is a complete non-surgical passive Weight Loss Clinic Located in the heart of Karachi, Near Expo Centre Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Having our presence since last many years. This has been possible because of our process of reducing weight and healthy diet plan along with our expertise of providing Customized packages, With a rapid growth in our network across the years, our endeavor has been to maximize the Customer Satisfaction, where our instructor focus to reduce body fat, improve energy level to loss inch as well as strengthening and toning of the muscles by improving the overall fitness for ladies.

We provide extremely relaxed & friendly environment to our precious clients. We also offer obesity and diet control consultation and personalized treatment according to your health suggest by Dr. Mana Shahzad – Well Known Dietitian and Nutritionist in Karachi.

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Dr. Mana Shahzad

Dr. Mana Shahzad is a well know Dietation in Karachi, after getting her primary M.B.B.S degree from the University of Karachi, received a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition from The School of Natural Health Sciences from London.
She then got certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, after that she prides herself on being one of the most renowned fitness and nutrition coaches in Karachi since 3 years and believes that every woman has the power to bring about a positive change in her life- all she needs is some inspiration.
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