About Clinic

Dr. Mana’s Weight Loss Retreat is Well Known Weight Loss & Fitness Clinic, run by Dr. Mana Shahzad along with a team of professional female instructors & physiotherapists.

Dr. Mana’s Weight Loss Retreat launched Cellulite & Detox Massage first time in Karachi, few years back. Till date thousands of Ladies have been successfully treated from Our Clinc.

We have thousands of satisfied ladies, from all over the karachi including housewives, doctors, students, executives, celebrities & bride to be girls, who have given us 100% satisfaction ratings and reviews. Our maximum no of successful treatment and satisfied Customers, has made us The No. 1 Weight Loss Clinic for Ladies in Karachi

We all want to feel good about ourselves, and in order to do so, all we need is a bit of motivation. At Dr. Mana’s, our primary aim is to restore your self esteem and make you feel good about your body. Here in the hands of professionals you will be given the best services to help you reach your ultimate goal.Join us today, and we guarantee that you will leave us feeling like a star!

About Dr. Mana Shahzad

Dr. Mana Shahzad, after getting her primary MBBS degree from the University of Karachi, received a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition from The School of Natural Health Sciences, London.

She then got certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and has since been working in Karachi on her own Weight Loss Retreat for women. With three years’ worth of motivating and training women to make healthier choices and be more active, the resulting plethora of success stories in itself is quite inspiring.

Dr. Mana prides herself on being one of the most renowned fitness and nutrition coaches in Karachi since 3 years, and believes that every woman has the power to bring about a positive change in her life- all she needs is some inspiration.